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The wolf caves are a series of tunnels that provide alternate access to most areas of Aberoth.

The caves are primarily the home of the wolves but are also occupied by bats, black bats, vampire bats, rats, and plague rats. They can be entered from specific locations throughout Aberoth, but there are four main entrances in the northern part of the forest. The caves are made up of two disconnected sets of tunnels leading to the east and west.


The entrances to the wolf caves are small, so players can't fit through while carrying weapons and gear. Without weapons, players must resort to killing enemies with their bare hands. Only belts, amulets, pouches, rings, consumables, and other small items can fit through the cave openings. The lack of large inventory items makes resources more limited in the caves.

West Tunnels[]

There is one main entrance for the west tunnels located at the northwestern end of the forest. These tunnels are inhabited by wolves, bats, black bats, and vampire bats. They provide access to the bat cave for all players. They also provide access to Magerlin's prison and Tavelor's tavern, but the exits are small and require players to be polymorphed as a bee, bat, black bat, rat, plague rat, or rattle snake in order to use them. Additionally, the west tunnels have an independent bat cave.

East Tunnels[]

There are three main entrances for the east tunnels; two just to the east of the west tunnels entrance and a third entrance in the north-central part of the forest. These tunnels are inhabited by wolves and rats. The lair of the plague rat is found there as well. The east tunnels provide access to the maze for all players whether they are polymorphed or not.


Wolves roam the passages just inside the caves. It is possible to sneak past them if they are sleeping.


Bats and black bats can be found in the west tunnels at all times with vampire bats spawning there during a new moon.


Rats can be found in the east tunnels near the lair of the plague rat.

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