This enemy spawns in the forest at the time of a full moon. It hits for up to 50 damage, is faster than the White Wolf meaning it is also faster than you, and has more health than any other enemy. It spawns many groups of white wolves throughout the fight. It takes a group of high level players and lots of consumables to defeat the werewolf.

It drops one or more tufts of fur, and sometimes drops the werewolf pelt, a crafting material for the Backpack. There is a 50% chance for the werewolf pelt to drop.

It cannot be tamed.

Lore Edit

Every friendly NPC has something to say about the werewolf:

"You saw a werewolf? I suppose I am not surprised. Life seems to get more dangerous around here all the time"
"A werewolf is the worst kind of wolf! Thankfully, I have never seen one."
"I heard werewolves are one hundred times stronger than normal wolves. Not sure I believe that though."
"Werewolves are strong, cunning and fast. Be careful if you see one <<playername>>."
"Werewolves only take their form under a full moon."
"You would not last a minute against a werewolf, <<playername>>."
"Werewolves are tortured creatures. They cannot control their transformation."
"Gurun see werewolf in forest one bright night. Gurun so scared. Gurun hide in trees all night long."
"I have no idea what you are talking about."


  • The werewolf is widely suspected to be the woodsman Wodon, based on a number of suspicious "coincidences" between them:
    • Wodon's cabin door locks during full moons, with no way to open it.
    • The werewolf spawns behind Wodon's cabin and retreats there at dawn.
    • The werewolf and the satyrs attack each other.
    • Wodon's hair is the same color as the werewolf's pelt.
    • The werewolf is the only major boss that does not drop a unique charm. You do, however, get a charm from Wodon for his satyr weapon quest, the Ornate Mirror.
    • When asked about the werewolf, Wodon will respond with "I have no idea what you are talking about.", instead of "I don't know what you mean.", which is his default response for gibberish.
  • The Silver Dagger does extra damage to him.
  • If the player is using a Potion of Comprehension, the werewolf will be seen saying, "Die, foe!", "Come forth!" (When summoning more wolves.), And "You fought well.", upon death.
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