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A vault is a space for players to store items in. Personal vaults can initially be bought from Gomald for 500 gold by saying "vault", and guild vaults can be bought for 10,000 gold. The gold can either be in the inventory or stored in Gomald's bank. All vault prices can be reduced if wearing and showing a Medal of Gratitude.

Players cannot enter personal or guild vaults when they are wanted or infamous.

Personal Vaults[]

There are different stages of vault size, each new stage purchasable by increasing amounts of gold or $10 from the Aberoth Store. There are a total of 16 stages in vault size, with prices ranging from 500 to 600,000 gold. Each stage increases the size of the vault as well as the brightness. The price for the next vault size is approximately the price of the last two added together. Buying a vault and upgrading it to the final stage costs a total of 1,671,000 gold (Unsure if this is correct - I added the values in the gallery and got something else).

Stage Cost Total In-Game Time Real Life Time
1 500 500 10m 60 seconds
2 1,000 1,500 30m 3m
3 1,500 3,000 45m 4m30s
4 2,500 5,500 1h 6m
5 4,000 10,000 2h 12m
6 6,500 15,000 3h 18m
7 10,000 25,000 4h 24m
8 15,000 40,000 5h 30m
9 25,000 65,000 7h 36m
10 40,000 106,000 10h 1h
11 65,000 171,000 10h
12 100,000 266,000 10h
13 150,000 416,000
14 250,000 666,000
15 400,000 1,066,000
16 600,000 1,666,000


The 11th and 12th stages add rooms with smooth walls. The 13th increases the size of the room, and the 14th adds a room with a door that will have the first letter of their champion name on it. The vault owner is the only person able to open and close the door. At the 16th stage vault, the interior brightness is increased to 85% of that of the town / outside in daytime.

Other players can be invited into another's vault with the command "invite [Name]". Invited players are unable to take items from somebody else's vault, unless they are trusted. To trust someone else (allow them to take items from your vault), the command "vaulttrust [Name]" is used.

Guild Vaults[]

Guild vaults are purchasable by any member of a guild. They are upgradable like personal vaults. There are 25 total guild vault stages.

Stage Cost Total
1 10,000 10,000
2 20,000 30,000
3 35,000 65,000
4 50,000 115,000
5 75,000 190,000
6 100,000 290,000

Access to guild vault doors (starting with the 5th stage guild vault upgrade) can be restricted to guild members of a specified rank by using the doorrank <rank level> command. Doors can be set to automatically close by using the autoclose command next to them.

Stages 5 to 11 will each add a door, and the next 14 stages will upgrade each room twice.