The Forest

The forest is located to the east of the Grassy Field. It is home to Rabbits, BatsWolvesSatyrsSatyr Elders, the White Wolf, Forstyll, and the Werewolf.


Wolves can be found roaming the forest paths but move through the heavily wooded areas as well. New players can often avoid encounters with Wolves by staying on the paths instead of venturing into the trees. If chased, a player can escape by fleeing to the Grassy Field.

White WolfEdit

From time to time, the White Wolf and its pack will emerge from their cave in the northwestern part of the forest. When this happens, the White Wolf's distinctive howl will alert players that it is roaming the area.


Satyrs and Satyr Elders occupy several clearings in the central and eastern parts of the forest. They tend to keep to themselves, so players will usually be safe simply by avoiding the clearings. At times, a single area can hold multiple Satyr Elders and Satyrs, which could be troublesome for low- or mid-level players.


Forstyll, the Satyr boss, frequents all of the common satyr clearings. Low- and mid-level players should be on the lookout for this enemy when hunting Satyrs and Satyr Elders.

Maze EntranceEdit

The entrance to the Maze is in the northeastern part of the forest.

Wolf Cave EntrancesEdit

The four entrances to the wolf caves are spread throughout the northern part of the forest.


Wodon's cabin is located at the northeast corner of the forest.


During the night of a full moon, the Werewolf will spawn behind Wodon's cabin and wander the forest. It is not advised to low and mid - levelled players to wander around the forest when the werewolf has spawned.

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