Stony Field

Stony Field

This region can be found to the southwest of the grassy field. Players must pass through the stony field in order to enter the orc cave, often encountering several camps of orcs that lie in wait. Two orcs stand watch by a fire pit at the southwest corner of the field, and another can be found by the fire pit at the northeast corner. A final pair of orcs stand on either side of the cave entrance near the northwest corner.

It is possible for players to sneak past the orc guards and gain entrance into the cave. However, inexperienced players who attempt this do so at their own risk. Orcs are often able to run faster than the player and wield powerful weapons like axes that can prove deadly to the uninitiated. Adding to the challenge are the stones scattered throughout the terrain that can impede a hasty retreat.

Some orcs are cautious, running back to their posts when the player reaches the outskirts of the stony field, while others are bold enough to chase the player through the wooded path and up to the edge of the grassy field.

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