Spiked Glove
Spiked Glove

Attack +1 on one hand
Defense 3
Rarity Rare
Crafting Materials White Wolf Pelt x5, Wolf Tooth x5
Crafter Darklow
Buy Price 3000 (3305 from Darklow)

The spiked glove is a high-tier hand-slot item. It is very resource intensive to make, requiring the player to sell Darklow 5 wolf teeth and 5 white wolf pelts. The spiked glove gives 3 defense and 1 attack to the hand it is worn on, making it especially good on the main hand. If worn on both hands the total effect is 6 added defense and 1 added attack on each hand. Sholop buys spiked gloves for 377 gold and sells them for 3000, while Darklow sells them for 3305 gold, but they are worth far more to other players due to the expensive crafting materials.