Spells are a sort of "subskill" that allow the player to learn perfect casting (not disappearing after use) with scrolls of a particular school, represented by the same color. Spells are similar to skills, but instead of numbered levels, there is a title given for each mastery level. To see which spells you are currently learning, say "spells".

In order to begin learning a spell, first give a glowing scroll of the desired school to Magerlin. All scrolls of the same school will glow at the same time. When you use a scroll of the same school, you will begin learning that spell. Another similarity to regular skills is that in order to move on to the next level, you use scrolls for experience, although unlike magic skill, the scroll does not have to be consumed to gain experience. However, a scroll that is saved by an item that gives a perfect cast chance (like Casting Sash or Runed Obsidian) or by being in the realm of the scrolls corresponding school will not give experience and will have to be cast again. If you cast a spell for experience, you have to wait seven in-game days (16 hours and 48 minutes) before you can gain experience again for that spell.

Scrolls that are glowing give an additional 75% chance of perfect cast. If the player is in the realm corresponding to their school, they will get an additional 5% chance (10% for arcane realms).

When using the 'spells' command, a number displays how many spells you are able to advance, or gain experience in. A (+) indicates that a certain spell can be cast for experience, while a (-) indicates you must wait longer to train that spell. No more than two spells can be advanced at a time, although all spells may be available to train. New spells can be learned even if there are no advancements available, given that they are in your school of magic.

A different school can be focused by dropping another glowing scroll  of the desired school to Magerlin. Progress in the previous school will be "saved", but the perfect cast chance will only be present when that school is being learned.

Players are given a comprehension boost of +3 to spells in their current school of magic. For example, a necromancer would be able to use the scroll of drain life (level 12) with a magic level of only 9.

Rank Casts to Next Rank Perfect Cast Chance Scrolls Needed to Level (approx.) Experience Gained Per Cast (%)
Learning 2 2% 2 50
Familiar 5 5% 5 20
Beginner 10 10% 9 10
Novice 15 20% 12 ~6.7
Proficient 25 30% 17 4
Advanced 40 40% 24 2.5
Expert 67 50% 33 2
Master 100 60% 40 1
Grand Master 150 70% 45 0.67
Sorcerer 250 80% 50 0.4
Grand Sorcerer 400 85% 60 0.25
Warlock 650 90% 65 ~0.15
Grand Warlock 700 91% 70 ~ 0.14


Spells allow the player to learn a whole school of scrolls at the same time, although each scroll gains experience separately.

School Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Magerlin's description
Divination Detectmetal Detectperson Farsight Revealinglight "Divination spells are used to aquire information.
All divination scrolls have a white band."
Evocation Ember Embers Scroll of fireblast Shockwave "Evocation spells call forth great energy.

All evocation scrolls have a black band".

Enchantment Fatigue Confusion Scrolloffear1 Scroll of Charm "Enchantment spells alter the mind.

All enchantment scrolls have a green band."

Necromancy Healing Scroll Drainlife
Scroll of Resurrection
Raiseskeleinv "Necromancy spells manipulate life and death.

All necromancy spells have a red band."

Transmutation Teleport Itemrecall Scroll of begone Potencyinv "Transmutation spells transform or translocate.

All transmutation scrolls have a purple band."

Conjuration Summonwolf Summonbat Poison Cloud Isg acidRain "Conjuration spells summon or create.

All conjuration scrolls have a yellow band."

Abjuration ScrollOfWaking Protectioninv Scroll-Of-Silence Magicshield "Abjuration spells protect or dispell.

All abjuration scrolls have a cyan band."

Illusion Blur Conc BlindingLight Chaosinv "Illusion spells create effects which are not real.

All illusion scrolls have a blue band."