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"Sholop Can Be A Bit Thick At Times."

A not so flattering portait of Sholop

Sholop is the main shopkeeper in town. He can be found behind the bottom center door of

the main hallway. Sholop aids players by buying and selling items and training them in the use of the shield.


Sholop only has one quest, a quest for revenge.

Hunt the white wolf and his pack

Sholop's only quest becomes available on completion of Inala's quest to hunt 10 wolves. To complete his quest, you must kill the white wolf and its pack. This can be a difficult task because the white wolf can do a lot of damage, and will flee back to its cave at low health. It is advised that you kill the rest of the pack before going after the white wolf, because they will all run when the white wolf gets low on health. On completion of the quest, Sholop rewards the player with training in the Shield Skill

AI Behavior

Sholop spends his days in his shop, wandering from place to place every few seconds. As a shopkeeper, Sholop offers better prices than Darklow, both buying things for higher and selling things for lower. He tends to buy non-magical items such as weapons and most armor. He has three different ways of interacting with items. If he is overstocked with any item, he will eventually destroy one by moving it behind a wall at the bottom of the screen. If an item is in the wrong area in his store then he will eventually move it to its proper location. If he doesn't have enough of certain items then he will retrieve them from behind the wall. Sholop will always stock clubs, knives, and leather caps. He refuses to buy engraved items.


Sholop is an overweight man who wears a dark orange outfit.

Sholop, expressing his opinion on wolves

Although he has been described as dense, Sholop was once a skilled fighter with a head for justice. After being badly wounded by a wolf, Sholop gave up fighting and opened up a shop to aid fighters of the rogue resistance. He has a somewhat complicated history with Ratingar, as Sholop used to employ him as a boy. Sholop drove Darklow from town for acting as a fence and selling stolen goods.


  • If you take the first letter "o" and the letter "l"  from his name, it spells 'shop'.