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The scroll of potency is a tier 4 transmutation scroll. The scroll reads "Duplicis".

Upon cast, the scroll will amplify the effects of the scroll used afterward.

magic skill level of 29 is required to use it.


Scroll used after Potency Changes to Effect
Scroll of Detect Metal All items are visible, not just metallic ones.
Scroll of Detect Creature A list of all items held by the subject will appear in the bottom left of your screen.
Scroll of Farsight Allows the user to see around walls normally blocking their view.
Scroll of Revealing Light Larger radius and +1 attack.
Scroll of Burning Embers Three embers fire behind the caster as well.
Scroll of Fireblast

Shoots double the amount of embers around caster.

Scroll of Shock Wave The effect is similar, but, the explosion gets much stronger, throwing objects further away and knocking people further away, dealing more damage in the process.
Scroll of Fatigue Once inflicted, your movement speed becomes much slower than with a regular fatigue effect. If you have consumed a potion of speed beforehand, you will be immune to the potency fatigue effect as if it were a regular fatigue effect.
Scroll of Confusion (??) appears above the enemy's head, and their vision is also blurred similar to drunkenness. The effect duration is also longer.
Scroll of Fear (!!) appears above the enemy's head, and they are unable to pick up items, and have a chance of dropping items when they use them.
Scroll of Harmony When casted, unfriendly persons not allied to the caster will be charmed and also pay the caster a random amount of gold.
Scroll of Healing Wind All affected persons will be healed for double of a normal healing wind spell (unconfirmed)
Scroll of Drain Life Drains approximately double the health of a normal casting.
Scroll of Resurrection Resurrects you at half health instead of 1 hp.
Scroll of Raise Skeleton Summons twice as many skeletons. This will also require twice as many bone fragments.
Scroll of Teleportation Teleports you to the exit of the zone you are in, rather than a random point in that zone.
Scroll of Item Recall Recalls all (up to 1000 items maximum) items in a zone. If you try to recall in a zone with more than the maximum items, it will recall the nearest 1000.
Scroll of Begone All affected players will be teleported to the boss in the current zone.
Scroll of Potency

The scroll does not affect itself.

Scroll of Summon Wolf

Spawns twice as many wolves.

Scroll of Bat Summoning

Spawns twice as many bats.

Scroll of Poison Cloud Same as a normal scroll, except ~2x radius.
Scroll of Acid Cloud

The enemy is blinded as long as they are in the cloud.

Scroll of Awareness Chance of breaking confusion goes up to 100% rather than the normal 50%.
Scroll of Protection You gain 75% physical resistance and 25% sharp weapon resistance. The blue colour on your skin gets noticeably brighter then it would without potency active.
Chaos and prot.png
Scroll of Silence (~~) Appears above the enemy's head. The duration of silence is twice as long.
Scroll of Magic Shield All allies or friendly players will be affected rather than just the caster.
Scroll of Blur 40% dodge chance (instead of the normal 20%) and your body becomes more blurry.
Scroll of Concealment The effect is the same, but your voice gets quieter, making you whisper when talking. To others players, it shows as you are whispering, but yourself see normal text, just alot smaller text.
Scroll of Blinding Light Longer duration.
Scroll of Chaos When cast, a cloud similar to the scroll of acid spreads across the whole area its cast in, making it very hard to see surrounding objects and players.
Potency- Chaos.jpg


  • This is one of the scrolls that was accidentally revealed earlier than its release date by Tavelor with the Gurun command.
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