The Satyr in its natural habitat.

Satyrs are a high level mob found in The Forest. Players are also able to turn into satyrs randomly by drinking a polymorph potion.

They also can use Pan Pipes to put people into Light Sleep, but they don't spawn with them.


A notable feature of the Satyr is they only attack with one hand (-). Instead of an off-hand attack, they use a very strong head butt attack.

  • Attack: 8 (-) [20]
  • Defence: 14


  • Life: Level 19 (95 Hit Points)
  • Dagger: Level 15 (20 Accuracy, up to 15% chance to backstab)
  • Head Butt: Level 15 [20 Accuracy]
  • Drinking: Level 14 (14% Improved potion effect or duration)

Resistances Edit

  • Deep Sleep: 100%
  • Light Sleep: 100%

Death MessagesEdit

"Now I return to the forest."

Drunk: "Now I give myself to the forest."


Strategy Edit

Satyrs are effectively killed with the 'tree trick'. See the page for more information. Be careful, though. When running away from Satyrs or Satyr Elders to get behind a tree, they will try to hit you. If they don't get a hit in about 3-5 seconds, they will walk back, then come at you in a different angle. If you are far away enough, it will just run back to its spawn point. This may endanger you and make you vulnerable to headbutt while tree-tricking. If you get a Satyr or Satyr Elder in a perfect tree-trick where they cannot hit you, they will run back, and attack you from a different angle. If you are lucky, they will get back in the tree-trick. This is why it's sometimes better to get into a tree-trick where they can still hit you, but only with their hand.

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