• A blue ring of warning
  • A red ring of warning
  • A ring of warning on the ground
  • Ring of warning glowing blue

The ring of warning is a magical finger-slot item. It occasionally drops from thieves. The ring of warning gives no bonuses to attack or defense, but while worn, it will change color based on the the presence of enemies around the player, ranging from glowing blue to red . Glowing blue indicates that there are no enemies in the area, while red signifies that a powerful enemy is nearby. Even a yellow or orange ring indicates nearby enemies that may pose a threat. The color of the ring is calculated by comparing the bearer's skill levels to those of the strongest nearby hostile mob, including unfriendly players. The range of the ring of warning is 300 pixels. An advanced version of this item is the polished stone

Because it sacrifices possible defensive stats, the ring of warning is more useful to lower level players, but it can still be used at any level to check the safety of unexplored areas, watch for player killers or to find the Master Thief.

Lysis buys the ring of warning for 60 gold and sells it for 250.