Bookofaberoth Wiki

Rarity is based on drop rate, accessibility, and value. This wiki assigns five normal ranks and three special ranks. You can check the loot table also.

Normal Ranks[]

These values are only approximations meant to give a general idea of the rarity of items and are in no way hard coded into the game.

Very Common[]

Very common items can be obtained by all players and are extremely abundant. A club is a very common item.


Common items may drop a bit less frequently or may drop from mobs which new players would have a hard time killing. Short swords and pan pipes are examples of common items.


Uncommon items may be difficult or impossible for a new character to obtain. Items in this category and up tend to be more valuable to other players than to shopkeepers. Most are worth at least 500 gold to players. Tier two scrolls and large axes are examples of uncommon items.


Rare items are generally obtained from bosses and are usually worth somewhere between 5,000 and 200,000 gold. White wolf pelts and dark daggers are examples of rare items.

Very Rare[]

Very rare items are the most difficult items to obtain in Aberoth. They are generally worth at least 100,000 gold, and some may trade for more than a million. Examples of very rare items are the +2 attack ring and any of the bone shields.

Special Ranks[]


Seasonal items can only be obtained on certain days of the year, such as December 25. The snowball is an example of a seasonal item.


Unique items can be obtained a fixed number of times per character without trading. Most membership rewards are unique, but the sash is another example as it is only generated as a quest reward.


Unobtainable items are items which cannot normally be obtained or may not be kept after logging out. In addition to some glitched items, the orc prison key in the game's introduction is unobtainable.


Discontinued items are items that were available in the game at one time but no longer exist as membership rewards or drops. The Medal of Gratitude is an example of a discontinued item.