• A Wild Rabbit in the Grassy Field
  • A Rabbit in flight mode
  • A Pet Rabbit with it's owner
Rabbits are a common NPC that inhabit the Starting Area, Grassy Field, and The Forest areas.

The Rabbit, like the Bee, does not attack but is easily spooked and tries to flee players when they get too close.

Rabbits are fairly slow but they can be a bit difficult to hit.

Rabbits have 1 Defence and 3 Hit Points.

Wolves often devour stray Rabbits in The Forest region.

When drinking a Potion of Comprehension, rabbits say "No" when they die.

Players have a chance to turn into a rabbit, among other mobs, by drinking a polymorph potion.


A Rabbit drops between 1 or 2 gold. Occasionally they will also drop a Rabbit Pelt.

Other UsesEdit

  • A Sleeping Rabbit
  • A Rabbit in a player's inventory
Rabbits can be tamed and kept as a pet. To tame a Rabbit you first need to put it to sleep. Once it is asleep, click on it to pick it up. Keep it in your inventory until it feels safe around you; this takes about 5 Minutes. Once it is tamed you can name it by typing 'namepet', followed by your chosen name. A tamed Rabbit can still be picked up and stolen by other players.

Drop Chance Edit

Isg rabbitPelt
Rabbit Pelt
Neutral Mobs Rabbit Icon Rabbit · Bee Icon Bee · Chicken Icon Chicken
Unique Mobs Pink Rabbit Icon Pink Rabbit · Blue Bee Icon Blue Bee
Hostile Mobs Bat Icon Bat · Black Bat Icon Black Bat · Rogue Icon Rogue · Thief Icon Thief · Wolf Icon Wolf · Orc Icon Orc · Alchemist Icon Alchemist · Disciple Icon Disciple · Shaman Icon Shaman · Satyr Icon Satyr · Satyr Elder Icon Satyr Elder · Rat Icon Rat · Rattle Snake Icon Rattle Snake · Skeleton Icon Skeleton · Skeleton Wolf Icon Skeleton Wolf · Skeleton Rat Icon Skeleton Rat
Boss Mobs Ratingar Icon Ratingar · White Wolf Icon White Wolf · Ourik Icon Ourik · Master Alchemist Icon Master Alchemist · Vampire Bat Icon Vampire Bat · Forstyll Icon Forstyll · Plague Rat Icon Plague Rat · Master Thief Icon Master Thief · Minotaur Icon Minotaur · Grand Shaman Icon Grand Shaman · Skaldor Icon Skaldor · Werewolf Icon Werewolf · Lich Icon Lich