The potion of comprehension is a potion used to help players understand various things around the world. NPCs who are speaking another language (for example: orcs and animals such as batswolves and rats) can be understood, and polymorphed players who are unable to speak are able to after drinking this potion. It also allows players to understand and read scrolls up to five levels above their current magic level.  A drinking skill of level of 19 is required to guarantee success. It also provides 50% resistance to the confuse spell until the effect of the potion wears off.

This potion is necessary in order to understand Gurun, an orc NPC found in the Black Bat Cave.

Lysis will craft this potion when she has access to a potion of perception and a rat brain. She sells the potion of comprehension for 350 gold and buys them for 77 gold.

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