Ourik's Throne

Ourik, oftenly misspelled as 'Orick', is a powerful boss mob in Aberoth. He is the king of the Orcs but he answers to higher authority according to Tavelor. Ourik's base of operations is in the Orc Cave. He has a large chamber with a chest room, rare drops including the Large AxeSpiked Shieldiron boots, rings of defense, and the Emerald. He has around 75 to 100 HP, and drops a decent amount of gold in the chest. Unlike most Orcs, Ourik is left-handed. One of Inala's quests is to kill Ourik, awarding you a Ring of Defense level 2. Newcomers should be careful, you will find he is quite strong. He is also accompanied by 2-3 Orcs and 1 Alchemist.

Ourik appears to respawn after about 15-25 minutes from death.

A guide for killing King Ourik can be found here.




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