Orcs are mid-level enemies found in the Stony Field and throughout the Orc Cave. Orcs seem to prefer axes and blunt weapons to other weapons.


An Orc standing guard


  • Attack: 8 (8)
  • Defense: 10

Skills Edit

  • Drinking: Level 15 (15% improved potion effect or duration)
  • Life: Level 13 (52 hit points)
  • Blunt: Level 5 (5 accuracy, 5% increase in damage to undead)



  • Drunk orcs will say "Mur" when receiving damage (occasionally hicking) and "Moorg..." when dying, instead of usual "Urrg" and "Urrrgt!", respectively.
  • When under the effect of the potion of comprehension, orcs will say "Ouch!" when hurt and "Oh no!" when dying. When the orc is drunk, it will say "Ha" when hurt (even at level 1 drunkenness) and "All is fine" when dying.

Drop Chance Edit

Aberoth leatherstrap invc
Spiked Club
Leather Boot
Leather Strap Orc Scalp Spiked Club Club Axe Leather Boot
Rare Rare Common Common Rare Rare
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