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Name Image Description Location
Inala is the first NPC the player meets in Aberoth. This young woman introduces the player to the game by giving various quests and hints. She also teaches the Bind Wounds Skill. Town, Inala's room
Sholop is the main shopkeeper of the town. He sells, buys and crafts items if given the right items. He, Darklow and Lysis are the only shopkeepers who new equipment. Later in the game, if you have done enough quests for Inala, Sholop will give you a quest for the Shield Skill. His quest is to kill the White Wolf. Town, Shop
Gomald is the main banker in the town. He manages the player's gold by supplying a bank account to every player. He also sells gems, and personal/guild vaults. Town, Bank
Tavelor runs the town's tavern. He helps the player by buying and selling beverages, running a lost and found, and giving out information about who is currently online. He will also engrave items to a player or guild. After doing some simple quests for him, Tavelor will teach the player the Drinking Skill. Town, Tavern
Lysis is a witch who lives in a hut in the south of the grassy field. She buys and sells various raw materials and crafts potions and amulets from them. Inala sends the player to Lysis to obtains the Life Skill from her. Grassy Field
This former rogue has been driven out of town for his shady business. He now runs a shop in the orc cave, where he buys and sells a wide variety of items (for somewhat questionable deals). Unlike Sholop, Darklow will buy items engraved to other players. After completing a certain amount of quests for him, he will teach the player the Dagger Skill. Orc Cave
The woodsman Wodon can be found at the other end of the Forest near the Maze. He has built a small cabin where he shelters from his foes, the Satyrs. Once you arrive at Wodon's, you will see that he does not trust you. To fully gain his trust in you, you must complete his various quests. After you complete his second-to-last quest, to kill the Satyr Boss Forstyll, he will trust you and will teach you the Axe Skill. Forest
Magerlin is a mage who is held captive by the orcs. To help him escape, the player must supply him with various items as well as clear the way for him by killing Disciples, Shamans and eventually the Grand Shaman. As a reward, he will teach the player the Magic Skill. Orc Cave,

Grand Shaman's room

Gurun is a friendly orc who left the orc cave after he found the orcs' war against the humans pointless. He now buys and sells potions and scrolls for dynamic prices based on his stock. After his difficult quest series the player is finally rewarded the Blunt Skill. Black Bat Cave



Name Image Description Location
Rabbits roam the grassy field. They are friendly but shy creatures and will flee from any players or hostile mobs. They sometimes drop a Rabbit Pelt. Starting Field, Grassy Field, Forest
Bees are a common NPC in the grassy field. They have only one hitpoint making them the weakest mob in the game. Starting Field, Grassy Field
Chicken white.gif Chicken brown.gif Chicken black.gif
Chickens live in and around Lysis' hut. They lay eggs in the morning which can be picked up by players. Chickens are the only mob in the game for which players have to be unfriendly to kill them. Killing them will get you wanted. Grassy Field


Pink Rabbit
Pink rabbit.gif
This shy rabbit is rarely spotted in the grassy field. He runs faster than regular rabbits and can change directions fast, making him a difficult target to hit. His pelt is also fairly rare. Grassy Field
Blue Bee
Blue bee.gif
This unusual bee is sometimes found in the grassy field. It flies faster than regular bees and has more hitpoints. Its shell is used to craft various defensive equipment. Grassy Field



Name Image Description Location
Bats are the most common hostile mob in the game. They spawn at nighttime and roam most of the common areas and caves. They use their echolocation to spot invisible players. Starting Field, Grassy Field, Forest,

Bat Cave, Black Bat Cave, Wolf Caves

Black Bat
Black bat.gif
Black Bats spawn most commonly in the black bat cave. They are quite a bit stronger then regular bats. Black Bat Cave, Wolf Caves
Rogue blue-0.gif Rogue green-0.gif Rogue pink-0.gif Rogue yellow-0.gif
Rogues are former townspeople that turned against the town. They now live in the rogue den and the grassy field and are on the hunt for unexpecting new players. Grassy Field, Rogue Den
Thief blue-0.gif Thief cyan-0.gif Thief turquoise-0.gif
Thieves live deep inside the rogue den and are more difficult to kill than rogues. They carry daggers which they like to coat with poison. They can also be found inside the maze. Grassy Field, Rogue Den, Maze
The Wolf is a common mob in the forest. They are quite fast and their bite can deal significant damage to unprepared new players. They can also run through the trees and hide in the wolf caves. Forest, Wolf Caves
The orcs have declared war against all humans. Even the common orc can be a challenge if you don't have proper equipment. These orcs patrol the stony field and most parts of the orc cave. Stony Field, Orc Cave
The alchemists craft and carry potions and will drop them next to a fighting orc. They can also drink the potions themself making them harder to kill. Orc Cave
The Disciples reside with the Shamans in each of the room of the Shamans and also in the Grand Shaman chamber. They protect each Shaman as a group of three. They have a high amount of hit points, they are faster than any orc and any player at normal speed. New players should be careful because they can chase pretty quickly and they are able to do very fast low damage hits. Orc Cave
The shamans reside in the deeper parts of the orc cave. They have the abillity to cast scroll to heal themself and their disciples, slow down the player or teleport themself to safety. They also have a considerably high attack. Orc Cave
The satyrs live in hidden clearings in the forest where they wait for careless explorers. Their headbutt attack can deal large amount of damage and their pan pipes will cause light sleep. Forest
Satyr Elder
Satyr elder.gif
The satyr elders are a somewhat rare enemy that is found in the satyr clearings. They have more hitpoints and a much higher attack than regular satyrs and their pan pipes will send players into deep sleep, rendering them completely defenseless to their attack. Forest
The rat is a mob commonly found in the maze. They are faster than the player and have a bite stronger than the wolves. They can also transmit disease. Maze, Wolf Caves
Rattle Snake
Rattle Snake Abs.png
The rattle snake is a strong but relatively slow mob found in the desert. They usually curl up and wait for unsuspecting players to attack. Their bite can inflict poison which makes them especially deadly. Desert
Skeletons are undead enemies found in the desert and inside the desert tomb. They run almost as fast as the player and can resist attacks from sharp weapons like daggers or axes. Their high attack and defense makes them a threat even to high level players. Desert, Desert Tomb
Skeleton Wolf
Wolf Skeleton.png
These mobs are the remains of the wolves that accompanied Skaldor. They now protect the undead king with their strong bite and high number of hitpoints. Like skeletons, they resist sharp damage. Desert Tomb
Skeleton Rat
Skeleton rat.gif
The skeleton rats are found deep inside the crypt, in the back of the desert tomb. They are somewhat weaker than skeletons but they can easily catch up to a running player. Desert Tomb, Crypt


Name Image Description Location
The leader of the rogues hides in the back of the rogue den from where he commands the rogues. He is the first boss that most players will have to face. He can carry many different kinds of equipment, making him a difficult kill for new players. Rogue Den
White Wolf
The white wolf leads his pack through the forest where he hunts rabbits and unsuspecting players. He and his pack run faster than a player and attack in a group which makes them a very dangerous encounter. When the white wolf has low health, he will retreat back into the wolf caves, so players have to be fast to prevent him from escaping. Forest
Ourik is the king of the orcs and resides in the throne room of the orc cave. He is just as fast as an orc, but his higher attack, defense and hitpoints can make him more difficult to kill. He can also carry strong equipment which makes him more dangerous, but also more valueable to kill. Orc Cave
Master Alchemist
The master alchemists live in their own area in the west of the orc cave. They carry stronger potions than regular alchemists and will use them against the player. Orc Cave
Vampire Bat
Vampire bat.gif
The vampire bat will spawn during new moons in the back of the black bat cave, the wolf caves and in the stony field. Adding to its high number of hitpoints, the vampire bat also has a high heal wounds skill and can drain the life from other players. Their vicinity to most low-level areas makes them a considerable threat. Stony Field, Black Bat Cave, Wolf Caves
The elder Forstyll is the leader of the satyrs and hides deep in the forest. His dagger and headbutt attack can deal large amounts of damage even to higher level players. He can also inflict various status effects with his pan pipes. Forest
Plague Rat
Plague rat.gif
The plague rat lives in the back of the wolf caves where it has build its nest. This rat carries all kinds of valuable items to its nest, making a kill very profitable. But due to the fact that players can only enter the wolf caves with minimal equipment, this is easier said then done. Wolf Caves
Master Thief
Master thief-0.gif
The master thief likes to hide in the maze, where he hides his name tag so he can not be seen before he sees the player. He can run and attack faster then any enemy and can carry very strong equipment. Players should also watch out as his sticky fingers might just end up in their pockets. Maze
The minotaur is a mythical beast that lives deep inside the maze. His charge attack can deal more damage than anything in the game and his speed can make him a difficult foe to escape from. His headbutt attack and strong axes can deal significant damage to even the most high level players. Maze
Grand Shaman
Grand Shaman.png
This opponent is the highest of the shamans and resides in the basement of the orc cave. He has a very high blunt skill which he uses to break the players defense. He can also cast dangerous spell, making him a very difficult kill. His equipment is amongst the most valuable in the game. Orc Cave
The undead king Skaldor defends his empire inside the desert tomb. He resists sharp weapons and hits considerably hard. He can also cast fear upon the players. It takes a group of high level players to overthrow this evil king. Desert Tomb
The werewolf is an incredibly strong enemy that spawns during full moons in the forest. His bite force is beyond that of any enemy in the game and he also runs faster then the player. He will summon white wolfs during the fight to attack the player in a group. Forest
Buried deep inside the desert tomb are the liches, the remains of Skaldor's powerful wizards. They can cast spells without the use of scrolls, summon skeletons, open coffins and teleport the player away during the fight. They also resist sharp weapons and have a dangerously high attack. Desert Tomb, Crypt