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Morning Star of Drain Life
Morning Star of Drain Life.png

Attack 17
Skill Blunt
Skill Level 20
Range 6
Special Occasionally drains life on hit
Rarity Rare
Drops From Grand Shaman

The Morning Star of Drain Life is a 17 damage blunt weapon. A level 20 blunt skill is required to wield this item properly. The weapon has a passive draining life ability which occurs randomly at an estimated 1-3% rate of success. If the effect has occured, it will do an extra attack at the same time it does the normal hit, however the extra attack will appear in grey, and the same amount will be transferred to the attacker's life bar.

The Morning Star of Drain Life drops from the Grand Shaman. According to the game's creator, the rarity is comparable to that of a Spiked Shield.

Darklow buys the morning star for 338 gold and sells it for 4240, while Sholop will pay 423 gold for it.