The master thief is a boss NPC who can be found in the Maze. Despite being an ordinary human, the master thief is quite powerful. He roams the winding passages, preying on the weak and unprepared. Compared to the Minotaur, his attack is fairly low, but the master thief makes up for it with his high defense, fast attack speed, and special abilities. He runs extremely fast, slightly faster than a player with a potion of speed. He also has the ability to pick a player's pockets, stealing and drinking potions (with a drinking skill between 14 and 19), gold, and other items (including your maze key!).

Aberoth masterthief

The master thief hiding.

The Master Thief can also open the Maze door, so don't hope to trap him in the beginning chamber of the Maze.


Defeating the master thief is difficult undertaking. Finding him can sometimes be challenging as he is never in one place for very long. In addition to running around the maze at breakneck speed, he may try to hide behind walls. He is able to hide his name, so it is important to attack behind walls when looking for him. If you are with another player it may be a good idea to have one player in the main path while the other player checks the side paths to ensure that he does not run by. While fighting the master thief, he will steal your potions and use them against you. For this reason it is inadvisable to fight him while holding potions that provide buffs unless you plan on using them. You can also drop your potions out of reach, but he may try to push you out of the way to get to them. Once he is low on health the master thief will try to run away. He will push the player out of the way if he has to. You should try to fight him in a choke to avoid this. If he does manage to get away, it is possible to catch him with a potion of speed. Even though he is slightly faster, you can catch up with him by cutting corners.


Death MessagesEdit

Normal: Better watch your back!

Drunk: This is how it ends!

With Disease: I don't feel so good...

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