• A leather strap in a player's inventory
  • A closed leather strap in a player's inventory
  • A leather strap on the ground

The leather strap is an inventory item used to carry small weapons. It is the reward for Inala's quest to kill the orc shaman, and it can rarely drop from orcs. The leather strap has 10 slots and it can hold most weapons including blunt weapons, daggers, axes, swords, and wands of sleep. Leather straps can only be stored in the main inventory, but multiple straps can be used at once. Straps can be closed by clicking their inventory picture like ropes, hiding their contents. Sholop buys leather straps for 85 gold and sells them for 400. They are also used to craft a Backpack. To do so, the player must sell 2 leather straps to Sholop, along with 3 Werewolf Pelts.