A wanted player being attacked by a friendly player.

In Aberoth, there are penalties for harming other players. Depending on the severity of their actions, a player can either become wanted or gain infamy.

Friendly and Unfriendly StatusEdit

In order to attack others, players must change their status from friendly to unfriendly by using the unfriendly command. While unfriendly, players also make themselves vulnerable to attack from other friendly players. They can change their status back to friendly by using the friendly command.

Inala, Gomald, Sholop, Tavelor, LysisWodon, and Gurun will not allow unfriendly players to enter their areas.


Becoming wanted is a precursor to gaining infamy. Wanted status is placed upon someone who has harmed a friendly player whether the harmed player has been killed or not. It lasts for a predetermined amount of time based on the harmful action.

Action Causing Wanted Status Duration of Penalty
Player strikes a friendly player while unfriendly. 30 seconds
Player zaps a friendly player with a Wand of Sleep or Wand of Fear while unfriendly. 50 seconds
Player spreads disease to a friendly player while either friendly or unfriendly. 3 minutes

All wanted time is cumulative, but the initial attack adds more wanted time than any subsequent attacks. For example, one strike by an unfriendly player against a friendly player will give 30 seconds of wanted time, but then if the unfriendly player hits their victim again, the total wanted time increases to only 35 seconds.

There is a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 1 hour wanted time (in real time).

Wanted players are easy to spot because they will appear unfriendly and their name will be displayed with an exclamation point (!) at the end. There is no penalty for attacking or killing a wanted player.

Penalties Associated with Becoming Wanted
Wanted players cannot become friendly and will remain vulnerable to attack from others.
Wanted players cannot hide.
Wanted players cannot enter their personal or guild vaults.
Wanted players cannot enter the Recovery Room.
Wanted players cannot enter shopkeepers' shops.
Tavelor will not provide information to wanted players concerning which players are currently online.
Wanted players cannot log out safely.

Note: Wanted players will not be thrown out shops, they are only unable to enter.


Killing too many innocent players will cause a player to gain infamy. Gaining infamy is a considerably more severe punishment than becoming wanted because the penalties are greater and last much longer.

Each time a player kills an innocent, they are given 1 infamy point. The player is declared infamous when they have accumulated a total of 4 infamy points within a 24-hour period (real life) or 10 infamy points over the period of 5 real life days. They will remain infamous for 24 real life hours after their last kill. 

Infamous players may or may not have an exclamation point (!) after their name, depending on whether they are still wanted. If a player's wanted time ends and they are still infamous, they will simply appear unfriendly. There is no penalty for attacking or killing an infamous player. Players who kill infamous players are given one point on Aberoth's Most Righteous high score board.

Penalties Associated with Gaining Infamy
Infamous players cannot re-enter Town if they leave.
Infamous players cannot become friendly and will remain vulnerable to attack from others.
Infamous players cannot enter their personal or guild vaults.
Infamous players cannot enter the Recovery Room.
Infamous players cannot enter shopkeepers' shops.
Tavelor will not provide information to infamous players concerning which players are currently online.
If an infamous player dies, they are thrown in jail for up to 24 hours until they are no longer infamous.
Infamous players are subject to a 1-minute camp time while logging out.

Players who double their infamy kill allotment — 8 infamy points within a 24-hour period (real life) or 20 infamy points over the period of 5 real life days — will become exhausted from their murderous rampage. Their speed will become slower, making it easier for other players to kill them. 

A player can view their current infamy status by typing the command infamy. This will show the player how many unjustified kills they have made in the last real life day (x/4) as well as how many in the last 5 real life days (x/10). Players who die while wanted or infamous get the message "You feel like you got what you deserved." when they die.

Jail TimeEdit

When a player logs on in jail, they are told how many real life days are left in their sentence.

Saying the keyword jail to Inala will have her list the names of those who are currently in jail.

Avoiding InfamyEdit

It is possible to kill other players without the risk of becoming wanted or gaining infamy. No penalty will be given if a player attacks or kills the following individuals:

Someone holding items engraved to the player or their guild.
Someone who has killed the player in the last 24 hours.
Someone the player has declared an archenemy.
Someone who is a member of a warring guild.
Someone who is invisible, either due to a potion of invisibility or a scroll of concealment.

The names of all players who can be killed without penalty will appear in either orange (archenemies and guild enemies) or red (members of a warring guild). Players must still become unfriendly to attack orange or red players. Invisible players' names will not show up at all, and no one needs to go unfriendly in order to attack them.