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Inala.gif Your first encounter with Inala
Ever helpful, Inala is a young woman dressed in a light blue shirt. As a little girl, she owned a pet rabbit who loved to sleep in her arms. Inala seems to be the only active NPC member of the rogue resistance, although she has mentioned others. She serves the roles of recruiter and leader for the resistance. Inala hates cowards and will come to consider any hero her friend once they have proven their bravery.

Inala is the first friendly NPC you will meet. Inala's Room is in Town, north-west of the Main Hallway. Inala guides players defeating the evils of Aberoth by providing direction, equipment and special training. Initiate a quest by simply saying "quest" in chat, when all quests are completed she will give you the quest to "help her".


Quest Short description
Visit Lysis Drops a Club and tells you to visit Lysis
Bat Hunting Kill 12 Bats, the reward is 25 gold
Defeat Rogues Defeat 15 rogues, the reward is a Rope
Defeat Ratingar Defeat the Ratingar, the reward is a Sash
Kill Thieves Kill 20 Thieves, the reward is a +1 Ring of Defense
Hunt Wolves Kill 10 Wolves, the reward is a Wolf Pelt
Clear the Stony Field Get the killing blow on the last Orc still living in the Stony Field, the reward is Bind Wounds Skill
Defeat Ourik, the Orc King Defeat Ourik, the reward is a +2 Ring of Defense
Defeat the Shaman Defeat 3 Shamans, the reward is a Leather Strap.

AI Behavior[]

Aside from giving quests and teaching the Bind Wounds Skill, Inala doesn't really do much more. She sometimes roams the hallway. If a player uses profanity, depending on how many quests they have completed for her, Inala will refuse to speak to them until they apologize, or simply say "I'll pretend I didn't hear that." Inala will say which players are serving jail time in response to the "who" command.


-When someone says emerald, she says "Funny you should mention that" She also says she had a pet rabbit... actually everyone reacts weirdly when you say emerald...

- Inala won’t let you trade in her corridor.

- Ratingar was in love with Inala and carved the quartz rabbit for her.