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Gurun is a friendly orc who lives in the Black Bat Cave. Players need a potion of comprehension to understand what he is saying, as his speech will appear as (unintelligible orcish) otherwise. The player can also talk to Gurun if they are polymorphed as an orc. After completing his quests, he will teach you the blunt skill. His refocusing fee is 300 gold per blunt level.

Gurun also buys and sells potions and scrolls of (seemingly) every level; unlike other shopkeepers, his prices dynamically change based on his stock.


Gurun has a large variety of quests and rewards that eventually lead to having the ultimate friendship with Gurun and gaining the Blunt Skill.

Quest Reward

Bring Gurun 20 stout beers.

Aberoth beer inv.png Aberoth beer inv.png Aberoth beer inv.png

Beer x3


Bring Gurun 1 Alchemist's Bag (Any size).

Isg wolfHeart.png

White Wolf Heart


Kill 100 Rats.

Isg ratTail.png Isg ratTooth.png Isg ratPelt.png Ratbraininv.png

Rat Tail, Rat Tooth, Rat Pelt, Rat Brain


Bring Gurun 1 Maze Key.

Extralife.png Extralife.png Extralife.png Extralife.png

Potion of Extra Life x4


Kill 20 Skeletons.

Isg boneFragment.png

Bone Fragment x6


Bring Gurun 18 Alchemist Belts (Any size).

Aberoth potionlife inv.png Aberoth potionspeed inv.png Aberoth potioninvis inv.png Aberoth potionrage inv.png

Potion of Life, Potion of Speed, Potion of Invisibility, Potion of Rage


Kill both Master Alchemists.

Stoneskin.png Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 5.49.56 PM.png

Potion of Stone Skin, Potion of Polymorph


Bring Gurun Grand Shaman's prized possessions

Detectperson.png Protectioninv.png Drainlife.png Itemrecall.png

Scroll of Detect Person, Scroll of Protection, Scroll of Drain Life, Scroll of Item Recall


Bring Gurun Ourik's prized possessions:



Orc Scalp x13


Kill 98 Orcs.

Blunt Skill

Conversational Prompts[]

Gurun has some very interesting and sometimes sad stories to tell. Get Gurun to reveal his past with these words, or trigger other little things he has to say.

Conversational Prompts

Ourik Ourik meanest orc of all!

Ourik hit and kick Gurun when Gurun no want to fight humans.

Shaman Shaman and disciple use magic only for fighting.

Gurun think of other uses for magic,

But shaman no listen.

Shaman say Gurun is stupid and worthless.

Orcs Orcs only want to fight, fight, fight humans.

Gurun no want to fight humans.

Other orcs mean to Gurun so Gurun leave orc cave forever.

Potion/Alchemist Orc potion maker only make potions for war.

One time Gurun use invisibility to steal beer from human town.

Ourik find out and beat Gurun for wasting invisibility potion.

Magerlin Magerlin great human mage!

Gurun sneak food to Magerlin one time.

Ourik beat and starve Gurun.

Darklow Gurun get idea of shop from Darklow.

Gurun friendly, not mean like Darklow!

Rats Rats live in maze on way to desert.

Rats annoy and harass Gurun.

Rabbit/Forest Rabbit delicious!

Gurun sneak past humans and catch rabbits at night.

Wolf/Human One night Gurun hunting rabbits in forest.

White wolf and pack attack Gurun.

Gurun hurt so bad, so bad, almost dead.

Human come, kill wolves, give Gurun life potion.

Gurun learn that night not all humans evil.

Desert Desert peaceful to Gurun.

No other orcs in desert.

Skeleton Skeleton in desert very strong.

Gurun smash them with club.

Blunt/Club <playername> keep practicing!

Soon <playername> able to club with skill of orc.

Spell/Scroll Gurun try scroll,

but cannot understand.

Gurun sell scroll now.

Time Time not important.

Always dark and cool in cave.

Cave Gurun cave always comfortable!

Cave always cold and dark.

Skaldor Gurun hear of tall and powerful skeleton

hidden behind door in desert.

Door Gurun see door in sand dune one day. Gurun think it is best to leave door closed.
Moon Gurun like bright moon at night in desert.
Magic Gurun buy and sell any magic potion and scroll.
Werewolf Gurun see werewolf in forest one bright night. Gurun so scared. Gurun hide in trees all night long.
Egg Mmmm, eggs tasty!
Chicken Mmmm, chicken tasty!

Gurun introducing himself to a player.


Gurun buys and sells all potions and scrolls, but can only be restocked by players. He keeps a maximum of 15 stock for low value items, 5 stock for high value items, and 10 stock for everything else. If he has full stock for an item, he will still buy more, but only for 5 gold each.

Prices change regularly based on the amount he has in stock, increasing when he has less than half of his max stock, and decreasing when he has more than half. Items valued in 1000s increase and decrease by 100 gold at a time, items valued in the 100s by 10, etc.

Tavelor will respond to the prompt "Gurun" with a list of items that he has no stock for, in order of price from lowest to highest.


- Gurun used to live in The Desert, near the top northeastern corner. He moved to the Black Bat Cave on June 10, 2016, to help lower-level players by letting them sell and buy scrolls and potions from him. Also because he felt that he didn't get enough customers. But mainly the first reason.

- Gurun's store is a cross-realms area, meaning that players from different realms can still meet each other there. It is the second cross-realm area in the Black Bat Cave.

- 'Gurun' means 'Desert' in Indonesian.

- 'Gurun' is also the name of a place on Turkey and one in Malaysia.