Aberoth members must go to Tavelor to form a guild.

A guild is an organized group of players within the world of Aberoth. A guild has one Leader and four descending ranks named Officer, Advisor, Veteran, and Associate by default. Any player can join a guild if they are invited and may leave any guild at any time. However, only Aberoth members can create guilds or become guild leaders. A player can create multiple guilds but can serve in only one guild at a time.

Players can view information about their guild by using the guildinfo command.

Clicking on a player will display what guild they are in (if any).

Current guilds and their statistics can be viewed on Aberoth's Most Powerful Guilds page.

When a player that is the leader of a guild is clicked on, text will appear saying 'You notice (Playername.) wearing an adorned emblem of (Guildname.).' When a player that is in a guild and is not the leader is clicked on, text will appear saying 'You notice (Playername.) wearing the guild emblem of (Guildname.).'

Rank Level Rank Title (Default)
1 Leader
2 Advisor
3 Officer
4 Veteran
5 Associate

Creating a Guild

An Aberoth member can create a guild by saying the keyword guild to Tavelor and then agreeing to pay the 10,000 gold needed to complete the transaction. Alternately, a member may also create a guild by visiting the Aberoth Store and paying the appropriate fee in real money.

The guild creator is automatically promoted to Leader, the highest rank in the guild. The guild size is initially limited to 5 members but can be increased for a fee.

Naming a Guild

A guild is nameless when it is first created. The guild creator can try out different preliminary names but can't invite members until the name is finalized. Guild names are limited to a length of 4 to 25 letters, with 4 words maximum.

Once finalized, the guild name cannot be changed. Only finalized guilds will appear on the Most Powerful Guilds page.

Command Action
guildname <name> Try out a name for your guild.
guildnamefinalize Make your guild name permanent.

Inviting and Removing Guild Members

The guild creator invites the first players to become guild members. If a player accepts an invitation, they are installed at the next-to-lowest rank level in the guild unless otherwise specified by the guild member extending the invitation.

Guild members can also be removed by a higher ranking member if the guild settings so allow.

The leader of the guild can set the guild rank that is required to invite or remove guild members. The default invite/remove rank is 4 (Veteran).

Command Action
guildaccept Accept an offer to join a player's guild.
guildinvite <player name> Invite a player to join your guild.
guildremove <player name> Remove a player from your guild.
guildinviterank <rank level> Set the guild rank required to invite or remove guild members.

Promoting and Demoting Guild Members

Guild members can promote or demote other players in the guild as long as they outrank that player. They can promote and demote only to one rank lower than their own.

A promotion or demotion changes the rank of a guild member by one level at a time.

Multiple players can hold the same rank in the guild, but only the guild leader can hold rank level 1.

The leader of the guild can set the guild rank that is required to promote or demote guild members. The default promote/demote rank is 3 (Officer).

Command Action
guildpromote <player name> Promote a player in your guild.
guilddemote <player name> Demote a player your guild.
guildpromoterank <rank level> Set the guild rank required to promote or demote guild members.

Renaming Guild Ranks

Guild leaders may rename the five guild ranks if they choose, and as many times as they like, even after the guild name is finalized.

Command Action
guildrank<rank level> <rank title>

Set the title of a guild rank for your guild with <rank level> 1 being the highest rank.

Example: Change the title of guild rank level 1 from Leader to Founder by entering guildrank1 Founder.

Setting Number of Guild Ranks

Guild leaders can set the number of ranks in their guild, from a minimum of 2 ranks to a maximum of 8. Any guild member may display their guild's current ranks.

As the number of ranks is increased to 6, 7 or 8, additional default rank names are introduced.

Command Action
guildranks Display your guild's current ranks.
guildranks <number of ranks> Set the number of ranks in your guild.

Rank Level Rank Title (Default)
6 Initiate
7 Pledge
8 Observer

Increasing Guild Size

As stated before, guild size is initially limited to five members. If the leader of the guild says the keyword guild to Tavelor once the guild has been created, they will be given the option to increase the size of the guild for an additional fee. The fee to increase guild size from 5 to 10 members is 20,000 gold and continues to go up each time the guild size is increased.

Total Guild Size Cost to Increase to Size Total Cost
5 members 10,000 gold 10,000 gold
10 members 20,000 gold 30,000 gold
15 members 30,000 gold 60,000 gold
20 members 40,000 gold 100,000 gold
25 members 50,000 gold 150,000 gold

Leaving a Guild

A player can leave a guild at any time by using the command guildquityesiamsure.

Resigning as Guild Leader

A guild leader may abdicate at any time and may choose a successor to their position. If the leader does not choose a successor, the guild becomes leaderless, and any Aberoth member in the guild can claim leadership immediately.

A guild leader is automatically demoted to rank level 2 after abdicating.

Any guild that is leaderless for 7 days (real time) is disbanded.

Command Action
guildabdicateleadership <player name> Turn over leadership of your guild to someone else.
guildabdicateleadership noreplacement Resign as leader of your guild without replacement.
guildtakeleadership If there is no leader, promote yourself to leader of your guild.

Engraving Items to a Guild

Items can be engraved to a guild by using the guildengrave command at the tavern before dropping the item on the table. Any guild member can engrave items to their guild, but only guild members with a rank level of 2 or higher can unengrave guild items. Any guild member can use guild items as if they were engraved to them.

The Scroll of Item Recall can recall items engraved to the guild as well as items engraved to guildmates of the caster. Items can be recalled only if they are on the ground or being carried by someone other than the owner.

When the someone from their guild engraves an item and leaves it in his personal guildvault, no one else apart from people who have higher ranks than them can take the item. This provides security and privacy for their own personal vauluable item.

Guild Enemies

Players who take actions against members of your guild will become guild enemies. Their names will appear orange, signifying they can be killed without penalty. Clicking on a player with an orange name will reveal why they are currently an enemy of your guild.

The following are actions that will make a player an enemy of your guild:

  • Unjustly killing a member of your guild within the last 24 hours (real time)
  • Carrying one or more items engraved to a member of your guild
  • Carrying one or more items engraved to your guild

A player must still be a member of the guild for the guild to take revenge for that player's death.

Guild War

The leader of a guild can declare war against another guild by using the guildwar command. They can also make peace by using the guildpeace command but must wait one game hour (6 minutes in real time) after declaring war before they can do so.

Any player may see their guild's current wars by using the guildwars command. Wars become active only if both guilds have declared war against each other. When two guilds are at war, members of the warring guilds see members of the other guild as red and can attack without gaining wanted time or infamy. All guild wars are displayed on Aberoth's Most Powerful Guilds page.

Command Action
guildwar <guild name> Declare war against another guild.
guildpeace <guild name> Make peace with another guild.
guildwars View current wars for your guild.

Guild Vault

GuildVault Stage1.png
1st stage guild vault

Guild vaults are accessible only by members of a guild. They are useful for storing items of all kinds — especially those engraved to the guild — and for holding private guild meetings.

Guild vaults can be accessed by walking through the right doorway in Gomald's bank. Any guild member can set up and upgrade a vault by talking to Gomald and paying the appropriate fee.

You can set the rank players can pick up items in the guild vault using the guildpickuprank command.

While in a guild vault, players cannot pick up an item that is part of a structure containing an item engraved to another guild member of equal or higher rank. In other words, guild members can "lock" structures (to all equal and lower ranks) by placing an engraved item somewhere in the structure. Even in locked structures, players may pick up items they dropped, and they may always take items engraved to themselves.

Access to guild vault doors (starting with the 5th stage guild vault upgrade) can be restricted to guild members of a specified rank by using the doorrank command explained below. The restriction also prevents players below the specified rank from picking up items in the room behind the door.

Command Action
guild vault Ask Gomald to construct a vault for your guild.
guild upgrade Ask Gomald to upgrade an existing guild vault.
doorrank <rank level> Set the rank level needed for a guild member to open a guild vault door.

Guild Vault Stage Cost to Increase to Stage Total Cost
1'st Stage 10,000 gold 10,000 gold
2'nd Stage 20,000 gold 30,000 gold
3'rd Stage 35,000 gold 65,000 gold
4'th Stage 50,000 gold 115,000 gold
5'th Stage 75,000 gold 190,000 gold
6'th Stage 100,000 gold 290,000 gold
7'th Stage 125,000 gold 415,000 gold
8'th Stage 150,000 gold 565,000 gold
9'th Stage 175,000 gold 740,000 gold
10'th Stage 200,000 gold 940,000 gold
11'th Stage 225,000 gold 1,165,000 gold
12'th Stage 250,000 gold 1,415,000 gold
13'th Stage 275,000 gold 1,690,000 gold
14'th Stage 300,000 gold 1,990,000 gold
15'th Stage 325,000 gold 2,315,000 gold
16'th Stage 350,000 gold 2,665,000 gold
17'th Stage 375,000 gold 3,040,000 gold
18'th Stage 400,000 gold 3,440,000 gold
19'th Stage 425,000 gold 3,865,000 gold
20'th Stage 450,000 gold 4,315,000 gold
21'st Stage 475,000 gold 4,790,000 gold
22'nd Stage 500,000 gold 5,290,000 gold
23'rd Stage 525,000 gold 5,815,000 gold
24'th Stage 550,000 gold 6,365,000 gold
25'th Stage 575,000 gold 6,940,000 gold
26'th Stage 600,000 gold 7,540,000 gold
27'th Stage 625,000 gold 8,165,000 gold
28'th Stage 650,000 gold 8,815,000 gold
29'th Stage 675,000 gold 9,490,000 gold
30'th Stage 700.000 gold 10,190,000 gold

Guild Loot Limit

The number of items a guild member can pick up from the guild vault per Aberoth day can be set by the guild leader by using the guildlootlimit command. The default limit is 20 items. Guild leaders are not subject to the loot limit as other guild members.

Any new guild member that was not invited by the leader to join the guild must wait one Aberoth day before taking anything from the guild vault. Anyone can see the current loot limit with the command guildlootlimit.

Command Action
guildlootlimit <number of items> Set the maximum number of items that can be removed from the guild vault per Aberoth day.
guildlootlimit none Remove any existing guild loot limit.
guildlootlimit View the current loot limit for the guild.

Guild Motto

The guild leader may use the guildmotto command to set a motto or slogan for the guild. This can be anything up to 100 characters long. Any guild member may use this command to see the guild motto. The guild motto appears on the Most Powerful Guilds page if the guild is public.

Command Action
guildmotto View the current motto of your guild.
guildmotto <new motto> Change the motto of your guild.

Guild Privacy

The guildprivacy command can be used by a guild leader to toggle the privacy of their guild. All guilds are set to private by default but become public after using the command.

A public guild will have guild member names and ranks displayed on the Most Powerful Guilds page by clicking on the guild name link. The guild motto will also be displayed. It may take up to 15 minutes for a privacy change to be reflected on the guilds page.

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