• An emerald on the ground
  • An emerald in a player's inventory

The emerald is a gem that drops from the chests of both Ourik and Skaldor.

Gomald sells emeralds for 3000 gold and buys them for 2000. Darklow sells emeralds for 4000 gold.

Two Emeralds can be used to create the Shield of Purification when given to Darklow with a Bone Shield.


  • Emeralds were previously worth 5000 gold (when sold to Gomald), making them the most commonly used form of trading currency before the "withdraw x" and buy/sell commands were added. The change to the 2000 gold value happened on September 16th, 2014 . Previously, emeralds dropped more rarely from Ourik, and Gomald restocked them frequently in the bank. At the time, it was also cheaper to buy emeralds from Darklow, who sold them for 5100 gold compared to Gomald's price of 5200 gold.