The drinking skill is taught by Tavelor after completion of his questline. It can be refocused at a cost of the current skill level times 50. All beverages and potions require a specific level of drinking skill. It is possible to drink them before the required level, but there is a chance of failure. The skill also slightly increases the effectiveness of potions, either lengthening the duration for buffs or strengthening the potency for instant effects. Each level gives plus 1% in potion duration or effect.

Before implementation of Tavelor's Drinking Skill quests, the skill was acquired for 500 gold.

Training DrinkingEdit

Every drink has a fixed amount of experience it can award. This amount is diminished if your drinking level is higher than the skill requirement of the beverage or potion. As the difference increases, the reward becomes smaller and smaller. For these reasons it is best to drink the highest level potions you can without throwing up. Life potions will only give maximum experience if they heal damage. If you have the gold, it is easiest to start training by drinking beer and later stout beer. Another strategy is to save a lot of potions of life and drink them while having a hostile NPC or another player attack you. It is best to save potions near your level until you switch focus to drinking.

Skill RequirementsEdit

Note: It is possible to use these drinks before the required level, but there is a chance of throwing up. The required level is the level at which the '!' next to the item disappears.

Icon Drink Required Level
Aberoth beer inv
Beer 2
Aberoth potionlife inv
Potion of Life 4
Aberoth potionorc inv
Orc Skin Potion 5
Aberoth sbeer inv
Stout Beer 6
Aberoth potionspeed inv
Potion of Speed 7
Potion of Perception Inventory
Potion of Perception 8
Aberoth potioninvis inv
Potion of Invisibility 9
Aberoth potioncure inv
Potion of Cure 10
Aberoth potionrage inv
Potion of Rage 11
Potion of Levitation inv
Potion of Levitation 12
Potion of Extra Life 13
Aberoth absinthe inv
Absinthe 14
Stone Skin Potion 15
Potion of Charging 16
Recovery inv
Potion of Restoration 17
Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 5.49.56 PM
Polymorph Potion 18
Potion of Comprehension 19
Bone skin potion
Bone Skin Potion 20