The Disciple is a mid-level Orc mob found in Shaman or Grand Shaman chambers. It has more life skill then the standard Orc, approximately 91 Hit Points, but only one attack power with or without a plain club, and occasionally drops lower-level scrolls such as detect metal, fatigue and ember.

Disciples have some degree of magic and are capable of casting the Scroll of Fatigue and Scroll of Burning Ember during combat, which they spawn with. They are also capable of using Scrolls of Healing Wind if they can obtain them. This means that they have a Magic Skill of at least 4.

The primary threat of the disciple is not of its magic casting or attack skills but in its numbers, high health, and serving as a meat shields for the Shaman which can hit through one of them.

Players are required to kill 30 of them for Magerlin's second quest to obtain the magic skill.

Trivia Edit

  • Disciples used to be called 'Orc Disciples', before an update.
  • If the player is using a Potion of Comprehension, Disciples are seen to shout 'Oh No!' On Death.
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