Dark Dagger
Dark Dagger

Attack 14
Skill Dagger
Skill Level 20
Range 2
Special Gives a 20% bonus to backstab chance when in the dark, and a 50% bonus during new moons.
Rarity Rare
Drops From Master Thief
Buy Price 3000

The dark dagger is the second highest level dagger in Aberoth and a very effective off-hand weapon. It rarely drops from the master thief. This magical dagger is more effective in places without direct sunlight, Increasing the chance to backstab by 20%. During a new moon, this bonus increases to 50%. It has 14 attack and gives 2 extra pixels of range. A dagger skill of 20 is required to use the dark dagger effectively. Sholop buys the dark dagger for 377 gold and sells it for 3000, but it is far more valuable to other players. Abbreviation is dd.