Bookofaberoth Wiki

Welcome to the unofficial Aberoth Wiki!

If you have made a discovery you think belongs on the wiki you can post it yourself or tell other players about it in-game.

Constribution Guidelines, please read this before editing:

  • Please check for spelling, grammar, and flow before posting.
  • Only add or correct facts if you are absolutely sure from firsthand experience.
  • Aberoth players should not be mentioned anywhere in this wiki.
  • Try to avoid saying things that probably will not be true after future updates such as "This is the best weapon in the game" or "This skill is very difficult to train after level 30"

Here's some things you can do to help improve the wiki:

  • Clean up spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Improve page formatting.
  • Correct factual errors and add more information, but only if you are absolutely sure of the facts from firsthand experience.
  • Add redirect links to make the Wiki easier to navigate. For example, searching "items" takes you to the page "Item Directory". You can do this by creating the "items" page and adding the following line of code:
#redirect [[Item Directory]]
  • Write a guide and add it to the guide directory. All guides are welcome as long as they cover a topic that hasn't already been covered or offer a new strategy.
  • Add a page as long as it's purpose doesn't overlap with an existing page or break the Contribution Guidelines (see above). Overlapping pages may be merged.
  • Turn certain words on pages into links to make pages more networked. For example, if a pages mentions thieves, turn the word thief into a link to the thief page.
  • All comments are welcome!