2 Bats

Two bats flying at night.

The Bat is a low level foe which populates the Starting Area, Bat Cave, Grassy Field, Black Bat Cave and The Forest.

A Bat has a maximum of 2 Attack, 1 Defence, 4 Hit Points, and has intrinsic perception of which also confers 20% resist confusion, but no other resistances.

Bats are nocturnal and will only spawn outside during the night, however they can still be found during the day if they have not been killed as they do not despawn. They can always be found in the Bat Cave, which is a good place to farm gold for a beginning player.

Because they use echolocation, Bats can see invisible players.

When drinking a Potion of Comprehension, bats say "I'm dying" when they die.

You can use a Wand of Sleep on a Bat to render it immobile and store it in the player's inventory.

When your doing Inala's second mission bats will give you more xp then a rogue.


A Bat can drop between 1 and 3 gold. They also have a small chance of dropping a bat ear.


Bats are extremely weak NPCs. It is difficult to die from them even for a brand new player. Simply left click or press 'f' to attack them until they die. Make sure you have a few hit points before engaging a bat just to be safe.

Drop Chance Edit

Bat Ear 1
Bat Ear
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