"That heart gave the wolf a second chance. So it shall be for whoever wears this amulet"
Amulet of Lifesaving
Amulet of Lifesaving

Special Refills health to max upon what would otherwise be death. This destroys the amulet.
Rarity Unique
Crafting Materials White Wolf Heart x1, Wolf Pelt x1
Crafter Lysis
Buy Price 1500

The amulet of lifesaving is a crafted neck-slot item. It is made by Lysis when she has a white wolf heart and a wolf pelt.

The amulet of lifesaving has the unique effect of saving the wearer from death. If a player dies while wearing the amulet, they are brought back to full health in the same area they died, consuming the amulet in the process along with a bloody mark appearing on their chest for a certain amount of time.

Lysis buys the amulet of lifesaving for 226 gold and sells it for 1500.