The Alchemist is one of the common orcs. He is known for his use of potions in combat. He drinks up carried life potions when damaged and frequently attempts to share them by dropping them in general proximity of orcs engaged in fight. The latter, however, often results in some mildly comical behaviour, such as alchemist "presenting" potions to a player.

His base attack appears to be lower than that of the yellow-garbed orc.

He drops low and medium level potions.
  • Alchemist chasing a player
  • An Alchemist showing superior fashion sense.




Trivia Edit

  • Alchemists used to be known as 'Orc Alchemists' before an update.
  • When under the effect of the Potion of Comprehension, alchemists say "Ouch!" when hurt and "I though I had another life potion..." when dying.
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